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How to display a Halcon image on Qt Quick Form?

  • There are some problems that cannot be solved. The specific description is as follows:
    Now I have a set of Halcon images that need to be displayed on my Qt Quick form,I don't know how to solve this problem.

         I  looked the Qt example code of Halcon.    /* (path :C:\Users\Public\Documents\MVTec\halcon-18.05-progress\examples\CPP\Qt\Matching) */(QHalconWindow Inherited from QWidget, i think cant't use in QML)
         But I  think this example will not work with my QML project.
         So I'd like to ask if you have a suitable solution or sample code for reference?
     OS :     Windows10     home 64bit
     Qt Version:      5.10.1
     Halcon Version:  18.05
     Compiler Version:   msvc2015 64bit
     Hardware informations:
     CPU:    intel-core i7 6700HQ
     GPU:    nvdia GTX960M

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    Is that SDK available somewhere ?

  • @SGaist Halcon18.05 must be installed first,
    /* (path :C:\Users\Public\Documents\MVTec\halcon-18.05-progress\examples\CPP\Qt\Matching)
    OS: Windows .But This is based on QWidget,Not Qt Quick.

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    Extract the processing part and integrate it with your QtQuick application.

    See Overview - QML and C++ Integration chapter in Qt's documentation.

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