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I have messed with Visual Studio and now paying the price

  • Hi Forum,

    I was looking through my Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Modify Settings and came across common tools for visual C++ 2015, i checked the box and clicked update.

    Now when i am on Qt Creator any project i run gives the following error when i try to run it.

    Starting D:\QTProjects\build-MVV_QT-Desktop_Qt_5_10_1_MSVC2015_32bit-Debug\debug\MVV_QTf.exe...
    The program has unexpectedly finished.
    The process was ended forcefully.
    D:/QTProjects/build-MVV_QT-Desktop_Qt_5_10_1_MSVC2015_32bit-Debug/debug/MVV_QTf.exe crashed.

    I have no idea what to do :(

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Did you do a full rebuild of you application ?

  • @SGaist Yes i have done a full rebuild and now only x64 builds work, whereas before only x86 builds worked. Also the x86 version is complaining it cant find rc.exe. I dont know if that helps


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    hi @ed-wright,

    we had that recently for someone else with rc.

    I think he worked around this by adding the PATH to rc.exe in his Kits settings. But idealy it should work out of the box.

    Which Creator version is this?


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