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deployment failed in osx

  • I am trying to deploy a local app, but the when I tried to do the
    qmake in terminal under the app folder directory, it has the error

    Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: charts

    I have the qt chart installed in when I ran the QT installer, and I also have included

    QT += charts

    in the .pro file.

    I've also tried to uninstalled and delete the folder ~/.config/QtProject/ for a fresh install. but same issue remain. Thanks for helping.

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    Check what qmake you are running. Is it the one you installed?

    which qmake
    # Then
    qmake -version

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    In addition to what @sierdzio wrote: always use the full path to the qmake version you want to use. You likely have several versions of Qt installed on your machine and you're not using the one you expect.

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