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  • After migrating from qt 5.9 (creator 4.3.1) to qt 5.11 (creator 4.6.2) project compiles without translates, but .ts and .qm file still exist. What am i missing? Didn't have any problems when migrated from 5.8 to 5.9 and earlier.

    Win 7 pro x64 PC

    Upd: Qt doesn't create "translates" folder in compiled project and doesn't store translates here. Hmmmm.

  • Not sure, but it seems that something changed in qbs and
    Group {
    fileTagsFilter: ["qm"]
    qbs.install: true
    qbs.installDir: "/bin/translates"
    Doesn't store qm in bin/translates. Anybody knows how to fix?

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    You should check the bug report system to see if there's something related to that. Also, take look at the documentation to see if there was any change related to that in qbs.

    WARNING: I haven't use qbs so I might be wrong here: the path you use is a bit surprising, you have "/bin" which is an absolute path. That might mean that you are trying to write to a system library.

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