Qt Ios Deployment on Windows Device

  • Hello,

    I would like to write a program for IOS on qt in my windows computer, I am begginer and i try to add ios when i choose new project in qt

    I can use qml also i think it is easier but i will use openCV so i need only the optimum solution because the program is so easy, i need i seemed so good. it is enough

    now talking qt widget as you see below i think i should tick IOS but i couldnt find it how? So i dont have Xcode on my system also i can say that maybe it helps.

    what is my next move to run on my personal IOS devices to test my program.
    IOS developper account i need and i have it 2 years ago for a game. I couldnt remember how i did it but i remember that i was using Mac device for developing IOS that time.

    Today I think Qt find a way to make it on my windows PC as well. It is my hope but i also use free simulator if it will be a solution as well.

    Please dont hesitate to pivot me to next move. Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards.


    ![0_1531017965293_98f54438-0311-4711-bffe-4a5fe977f544-image.png](Uploading 0%)

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    Hi @kybernetes,

    as you already noted, you need XCode and therefore a Mac for iOS development.

    This is an Apple restriction and nothing Qt can do about.


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