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Camera/Video Without OpenGL (Quick Renderer)

  • I have a non OpenGL embedded Linux system with a QT 5.9 build. I am developing a QML and C++ based application. In this case I am utilizing the Qt Quick 2D renderer in lieu of OpenGL - because of this, I cannot utilize the "VideoOutput" item in QML since this is reliant on OpenGL.

    I am looking for some ideas for an alternative way to display a camera view in my application. What is my best option in this case? I can do tricks with launching another app or something but would prefer something more built in if it's possible.

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    What are the specs of the camera ?
    How fast is it supposed to be ?

  • 720x480 SD, 30 fps - this is a pretty low quality camera, nothing super fancy. I can already utilize the camera in my system sans QT (using gstreamer or other tools) but want to integrate a live camera view into my UI application in certain cases.

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    You can maybe use QtGStreamer for example.

    Is that a USB camera ?

  • No it's an embedded interface. That shouldn't matter though as it just appears as a standard V4L2 device (/dev/video)

    "Finally, when drawing on QtQuick2 (Qt5), the only way is to use qtquick2videosink."

    "If you are using QtQuick (either QtQuick1 with Qt4 or Qt5, or QtQuick2 with Qt5), there is also a "VideoItem" element available when you import "QtGStreamer 1.0". See the qmlplayer and qmlplayer2 examples for details."

    So does that mean I can still utilize the VideoItem element as long as I setup gstreamer to feed qtquick2videosink?

  • Also since it says:
    "qtglvideosink and qtquick2videosink use OpenGL/OpenGLES and support hardware colorspace conversion and color balance."

    Wouldn't I have the same problem? OpenGL doesn't work well on my system.

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    What system do you have ?

    What format is the image you receive ?

  • @SGaist said in Camera/Video Without OpenGL (Quick Renderer):

    do you have ?
    What format is the image

    It's a Cortex A5 based system with no GPU. The camera format is ITU601 - but ultimately, I just need to be able to display any old /dev/video device in my QML application window. Like I mentioned, I have already verified the interface as I can use gstreamer to output it to my display. I am just wondering if there are any alternatives to VideoOutput as this is directly reliant on OpenGL which I can't practically use on this system.

    That link seems to be saying that QtGstreamer still uses OpenGL correct? If it can only use OpenGL, then I would still have the same problem.

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    They also have widget sink.

    In any case, this stack overflow answer might be an interesting starting point to push images to QtQuick from C++.

  • @SGaist said in Camera/Video Without OpenGL (Quick Renderer):

    dget si

    Well the widget sink would require the use of QWidgets correct? Not Quick/QML... I was wondering if there was any other way to implement video in QML but doesn't sound like there is.

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    Sorry, I don't have deep enough knowledge of the Qt Quick Renderer to give you hints about how to implement a video item for it.

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