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Which path to use for QPluginLoader with Android ?

  • Hello,
    I created a custom plugin that is loaded correctly on Windows 10
    Plugin has dll and qmldir in same folder, loading plugin works well

    For Android I set android-extra-plugins for androidqtdeploy tool (I use cmake)
    I have qmldir in assets folder and my plugin (so lib) in libs\armeabi-v7a folder

    I do not know what to give in parameter of QPluginLoader , when the apk is deployed, what is the absolute or relative path to use ?

    Thanks !

  • I just tryed QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath(), seems to do some things

    I forgot to indicate that I set a root path, search all files contained in root path (like plugin) and try QObject* plugin = loader.instance() for each file found
    Not sure that it is the best way however

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