Specifying Attributes of widgets

  • hey all,

    I was trying to specify attributes for the widgets using Qt::WA_NoSystemBackground so that the widgets do not take the background image of the form.

    It worked well for the labels and scroll area text browser. Some how it does not give the desired effect for the radio buttons and the text box. I see a separate background for the radio buttons and the the text box.

    This is how i have used

    any suggestion?


  • I have tried the following code to make the QLineEdit but it does not work wither :(
    QPalette palette = ui->passwordSetLineEdit->palette();
    palette.setColor(ui->backBut->backgroundRole(), Qt::transparent);

    pls help

  • I tried putting a transparent image as background too. . It din work. .Could anyone help me out?

  • What platform you are working on?

  • Windows 7. .

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