QSctpSocket does not compile

  • Hi,
    i'm trying to play around with QSctpSocket, Linux (Ubuntu 18.04), Qt 5.9.5
    QtCreator won't compile, g++ says:

    ../sctptest/main.cpp:8:5: error: unknown type name 'QSctpSocket'; did you mean 'QTcpSocket'?

    (i really meant QSctpSocket)

    .pro contains:

    QT -= gui
    QT += network
    CONFIG += c++11 console
    CONFIG -= app_bundle

    what am i missing?

    thanks, HaPe

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    Might be a silly question, but are you sure you are using Qt 5.9.5 to build your application ? QSctpSocket has been added in Qt 5.8.

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    Just as a note.
    I tried in my Mint linux with Qt5.9.1
    and it seems not active.

    alt text

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    It is unless Qt was built with SCTP disabled. The second condition is to allow QDoc to do its magic.

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    Well it is a version from online installer.
    So i do wonder why it seems compiled without.

  • @SGaist and others
    This is standard Ubuntu Qt package (open source version); i do have /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtNetwork/qsctpsocket.h which starts with "#if !defined(QT_NO_SCTP) || defined(Q_CLANG_QDOC)"
    So how can i check if QSctp is supported? And what is Q_CLANG_QDOC?
    Do i need to install additional packages? Linux Sctp module is enabled (which shouldn't make a difference when compiling).

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    Does your .h file also show the class part in
    grey ?

    also could you test if QT_NO_SCTP is defined ?

  • @mrjj indeed, class QSctpSocket is greyed out in QtCreator and QT_NO_SCTP is defined. So probably Ubuntus Qt package is not compiled with SCTP support?

  • surprisingly, the OnlineInstaller variant for MSVC2015

    is shipped with QT_NO_SCTP defined as well

    On MacOS QT_NO_SCTP is not defined

    Both 5.11 from the online installer.

    seems like you'll have to compile the Qt libs yourself to enable the feature for your OS-distribution

  • @J.Hilk i think we will completly forget about Qt Sctp support and write a wrapper for the C-socket interface.

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