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updating UI while in debugger

  • Hi all -

    When debugging a UI in single step mode, I often find the UI doesn't update until I hit the "run" button. Can this behavior be altered?


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    afaik the ui is updated when the eventloop runs.

    As a hacky workaround, you could add QCoreApplication::processEvents inside the code block you want to debug, that should, in theory, update your ui.

  • @mzimmers
    Just so you know, all debuggers on all platforms (have to) work like this when debugging a UI-event-driven application. When stepping/running to next breakpoint, it executes only the instructions it comes across, and while they do not allow the UI to process events/repaint the visuals will remain "frozen". It actually shows you what what is really going on in your app!

    Like @J-Hilk says, only way is temporarily to insert necessary event processing lines into the code you happen to be stepping through. Not ideal for debugging, but a standard issue.

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