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just curious know. My base class is Qobject. I derive another class from Qobject. can I use the Derive class object in stature?

  • class DataRestore : public QObject {

    mainWindow. h file

    struct InstrumentHandler {
    	typedef struct 
    		RecoveryManage dataMange;
    		DataRestore *recoverChannelStore;
    	bool isItRecoverData = false;
    	RecoveryInfo recoverData;

    can I create member as DataStore object instead of the pointer of the DataStore type?

    if no then, What is Reason behind that?
    note: Data store class is derive from Object.

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    It depends whether you are going to copy your structure or not. If so, then no, you can't have your QObject based members as just plain members. See why here.

  • @SGaist Thank you sir.

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