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QStaticText::size() bug when using rich text and word wrap

  • I currently use QPainter:drawText() to draw text inside QGraphicsItem::paint(). It works fine. But I would like to draw rich text, so I have changed QPainter:drawText() to QPainter:drawStaticText(). But I am now finding it impossible to position the text correctly because QStaticText::size() returns the wrong value when I am using QTextOption::WordWrap and Qt::RichText.

        QStaticText st( text );
        QTextOption options( align );
        options.setWrapMode( QTextOption::WordWrap );
        st.setTextOption( options );
        st.setTextFormat( Qt::RichText );
        st.setTextWidth( textRect.width() );
        st.prepare( p->worldTransform(), p->font() );
        QSizeF sz = st.size();
        QPointF pos( textRect.topLeft() );
        qreal hOffset = ( textRect.height() - sz.height() ) / 2.0;
        pos += QPointF( 0.0, hOffset );
        p->setClipRect( textRect );
        p->drawStaticText( pos, st );

    The height value returned QStaticText::size() doesn't match the height of the text displayed on screen. If I remove the word wrap or change it to plain text it works fine. But I need the word wrap and rich text.


    Any ideas?

    I am using Qt 5.9.4 on Windows 7.

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    Did you try using QStaticText::setTextFormat ?

  • @AndyBrice said in QStaticText::size() bug when using rich text and word wrap:

    Yes, it is in the snippet above:

    st.setTextFormat( Qt::RichText );

    It works fine with Qt::PlainText. But that isn't useful for me.

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    My bad, I missed it.

    Do you also have that with the latest version of Qt ? It should be 5.11

  • I haven't tried it with 5.11. I tend to avoid the latest release as I value stability over the latest features. I guess I can report it as a bug and maybe they will tell me if/when it is finished. Where do you report Qt bugs these days?

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    it's nevertheless a good idea to test with the latest version first, in case that bug is already fixed (sometimes strange things happen ;))

    also please prepare a minimal example to reproduce your problem. otherwise it's hard for the devs to help you.


    edit: and please provide a link to the report here.

  • I am happy to report that this bug is fixed in Qt5.11.1 on Windows and Mac. Hooray!

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