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Qprocess not taking proper arguments

  • hey i am trying to call a process from Qprocess but it's not taking args properly .

    below is the code

    #include <QCoreApplication>
    #include <QProcess>
    #include <QDebug>
    #include <QObject>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);
        QObject *parent = nullptr;
        QProcess *process = new QProcess(parent);
        const QString program  = "meson";
        const QStringList args = {"introspect", "--targets", "/home/nightmare/practice/meson/builddir/"};
        process->start(program, args);
        return a.exec();
    OUTPUT of above code : 

    usage: meson [-h] [--prefix PREFIX] [--libdir LIBDIR]
    [--libexecdir LIBEXECDIR] [--bindir BINDIR] [--sbindir SBINDIR]
    [--includedir INCLUDEDIR] [--datadir DATADIR] [--mandir MANDIR]
    [--infodir INFODIR] [--localedir LOCALEDIR]
    [--sysconfdir SYSCONFDIR] [--localstatedir LOCALSTATEDIR]
    [--sharedstatedir SHAREDSTATEDIR]
    [--backend {ninja,vs,vs2010,vs2015,vs2017,xcode}]
    [--buildtype {plain,debug,debugoptimized,release,minsize}]
    [--strip] [--unity {on,off,subprojects}] [--werror]
    [--layout {mirror,flat}] [--default-library {shared,static}]
    [--warnlevel {1,2,3}] [--stdsplit] [--errorlogs]
    [--cross-file CROSS_FILE] [-D PROJECTOPTIONS] [-v]
    [--wrap-mode {WrapMode.default,WrapMode.nofallback,WrapMode.nodownload}]
    [directories [directories ...]]
    meson: error: unrecognized arguments: --targets /home/nightmare/practice/meson/builddir/


    but when i try it from terminal same commands the output is right

    meson introspect --targets /home/nightmare/practice/meson/builddir/ [{"build_by_default": true, "name": "myexe", "filename": "myexe", "id": "myexe@exe", "installed": false, "type": "executable"}]

  • @Qjay
    Although one has to respect the output you show from typing at the terminal, from the meson usage message I have to say I can see neither introspect nor --targets arguments, which seems pretty odd.... ?

    [If introspect is one of the directories, I still don't see the --targets after that in the usage...]

    If you perhaps practised with some other command & arguments (e.g. ls), you might satisfy that QProcess does indeed pass arguments correctly....

  • introspect is not a directory . introspect is a a argument / parameter that meson takes ( mentioned in official docs of meson too )

    have you tried it on your meson project ??

  • @Qjay just in case, the meson output you posted didn't include --targets and the QStringList args shown above didn't include the JSON parameter you shown in the command line example.

  • this was the command i passed in terminal : "meson introspect --targets /home/nightmare/practice/meson/builddir/"

    and this was the output : "[{"build_by_default": true, "name": "myexe", "filename": "myexe", "id": "myexe@exe", "installed": false, "type": "executable"}]"

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Do you have several versions of meson installed ?
    Do you have maybe a modified PATH environment variable in your command prompt ?

  • found it . It was my fault . i was calling meson directly whereas meson is installed in "/usr/local/bin/meson"

    terminal does the path expansion but qprocess does not .

    so i changed it to const QString program = "/usr/local/bin/meson";

    works fine now :)

  • @Qjay

    terminal does the path expansion but qprocess does not

    For the record, that is not true. Unless your shell has an "alias" for meson, which I doubt.

    More likely they have different PATH environment variables. Which does not explain why you say you received message meson: error: unrecognized arguments, which would not happen if meson (of some kind) was not on your PATH. You may like to investigate why that is, up to you.

  • hmm you are right too . Not sure why it happened though.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You might have modified PATH in your terminal session only for example.

    Or you may have modified PATH in the Run part of the Project panel.