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difference between windows graphics and Android graphics

  • look at the attached screen shot of the QCalenderWidget year spinbox it is chopped on the top and bottom where am I going wrong , I find and why does the widget change when in android platform? please assist


  • @gotronics

    I assume you are using standard widgets under Qt with C++.

    AFAIK there is still an issue with the port respectively this is actually hard to do. Especially with widgets which may be used for display and selection this is the case. E.g. comboboxes are looking fine for selection, but as soon as you try to edit them, you have the same problem. Changing sizes do not really have any effect, which is the real background.

    I have read somewhere QML for the GUI in connection with C++ for the rest is the better way to go there. With QML you have a better control and may control sizes of input fields.

    Hope that helps.

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