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First run performance

  • Hi,

    I noticed long startup times (up to a few seconds) on all mobile platforms (especially older Android and iOS devices) when running my project the first time. The project contains a lot of Qml code (including Qt Quick Controls 2). Before using the Qt Quick Compiler (Qt 5.11 RC) I assumed that the Qml cache generation caused the delay, but even after enabling the Quick Compiler start up times are long (but shorter than without the compiler).

    Consecutive runs after the first run are fast - even when the application is completely killed (and/or the device is restarted). A look into the app's private folder in iOS shows that some qmlc cache files have been created (but much less files than without using the Qt Quick Compiler). Interestingly the cache files are not created on a desktop machine (Windows 10).

    Why are these cache files creates although the compiler is on?


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