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  • What is the best way to achieve a good look and feel for the Qt apps.

    • Qt with HTML5 integration

    • QML controls

    • Any idea?


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    @ansifpi Pretty open question and a very subjective one.

    It really depends on what you're developing. I use Qt Controls for desktop based applications. If I want to get fancy I will use some QML to design my guis even on desktop but usually I just stick with controls.

    I would recommend QML if you want to do mobile GUIs or if you want GUIs in the newer styles like slack, discord, etc.

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    I would say a careful design and preplanning of the interface and functions.
    Consistency and presentation is paramount for a good interface.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for all the quick info. I found the replies just now as i didn't get any email notifications, I need to check whether my email notifications is running well.

    I found very good UI created by KDAB and some other companies. But i think its a mix of photoshop and Qt/QML controls. But being not professional in photoshop i think we have rely completely on Qt/QML.

    Besides i found another thread asking the same question, But it also didnt get any proper reply yet.

    Qt is amazing with C++, but to compete with Android or iOS platform or the current market, the UI should be invincible.


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    @ansifpi Yea I don't think the email thing works. It has never worked for me anyway.

    QML should be able to do any gui you want on a mobile device for sure. I haven't done mobile programming without Qt so I don't know if it's lacking, but I've never run into anything I can't do in QML. It's like having full CSS/HTML5/JS to design your GUIs wrapped into a simple markup language to implement it all.

    To do any real professional UI you will need to have some graphical ability or hire a graphic artist with UI/UX experience to design your GUI. I have enough experience to make a decent UI but I still can't compete with the actual artists that have UI/UX experience. I'm just not artsy enough.

    If you end up needing someone I know a couple guys I have bought graphics from for my apps in the past I can hook you up with. One is fairly cheap (at least by US standards), the other is really really good, but decently expensive.

  • Hi @ambershark ,

    I just tried using the Google Material design, which looks much better than the previous one. I think there are excellent style sheets available for a better look and feel.

    Hiring an UI/UX designer is a good option, but we just started our project and learning Qt as well. If project went well, i will definitely check for a designer. Will update you soon.

    Really thankful for your support.


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    To activate the email notification you have to go to and click the corresponding check box.

    If it still doesn't get through, check your email service provider to see if its blacklisted.

  • @SGaist Already i checked this. But still not working for me. Let me check the later issue.


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