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  • What is the best way to achieve a good look and feel for the Qt apps.

    • Qt with HTML5 integration

    • QML controls

    • Any idea?


  • @ansifpi Pretty open question and a very subjective one.

    It really depends on what you're developing. I use Qt Controls for desktop based applications. If I want to get fancy I will use some QML to design my guis even on desktop but usually I just stick with controls.

    I would recommend QML if you want to do mobile GUIs or if you want GUIs in the newer styles like slack, discord, etc.

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    I would say a careful design and preplanning of the interface and functions.
    Consistency and presentation is paramount for a good interface.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for all the quick info. I found the replies just now as i didn't get any email notifications, I need to check whether my email notifications is running well.

    I found very good UI created by KDAB and some other companies. But i think its a mix of photoshop and Qt/QML controls. But being not professional in photoshop i think we have rely completely on Qt/QML.

    Besides i found another thread asking the same question, https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/8690/problem-while-running-qt-demo-and-and-how-to-build.html. But it also didnt get any proper reply yet.

    Qt is amazing with C++, but to compete with Android or iOS platform or the current market, the UI should be invincible.


  • @ansifpi Yea I don't think the email thing works. It has never worked for me anyway.

    QML should be able to do any gui you want on a mobile device for sure. I haven't done mobile programming without Qt so I don't know if it's lacking, but I've never run into anything I can't do in QML. It's like having full CSS/HTML5/JS to design your GUIs wrapped into a simple markup language to implement it all.

    To do any real professional UI you will need to have some graphical ability or hire a graphic artist with UI/UX experience to design your GUI. I have enough experience to make a decent UI but I still can't compete with the actual artists that have UI/UX experience. I'm just not artsy enough.

    If you end up needing someone I know a couple guys I have bought graphics from for my apps in the past I can hook you up with. One is fairly cheap (at least by US standards), the other is really really good, but decently expensive.

  • Hi @ambershark ,

    I just tried using the Google Material design, https://github.com/martinrotter/qt-material-stylesheet which looks much better than the previous one. I think there are excellent style sheets available for a better look and feel.

    Hiring an UI/UX designer is a good option, but we just started our project and learning Qt as well. If project went well, i will definitely check for a designer. Will update you soon.

    Really thankful for your support.


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    To activate the email notification you have to go to https://forum.qt.io/user/your_user_name/settings and click the corresponding check box.

    If it still doesn't get through, check your email service provider to see if its blacklisted.

  • @SGaist Already i checked this. But still not working for me. Let me check the later issue.


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