Qt Creator completion stopped working

  • Hi
    I use Qt Creator 4.5.2 (most up to date on gentoo...) Qt 5.9.4(GCC 6.4.0, 64 bit).
    I cant remember when exactly it happened but my code completion stopped working somehow.
    The problem is if I declare a member variable in my header file
    and then want to initialize it in my cpp, autocompletion doesn't list the variable.

    0_1525330381922_Peek 2018-05-03 08-49.gif

    But if I then save and close Qt Creator and reopen it suddenly the variable gets listed in the autocompletion.
    Any ideas anyone?

  • @pauledd

    I have noticed this already a while ago. So it is not a new issue with the creator version.

    Especially with larger projects, it is a nuisance. I do no recall that you have to close and reopen creator, but basically to give it a chance to detect changes. Saving the files and eventually does cure as well the problem.

    I am not the expert for this functionality, but I rated it as a balance issue between always active and consume too much cpu or wait once in a while for the update in auto-completion.

  • Problem solved, sorry for my stupidity...
    I included the header the wrong way:
    #include <gaugeframe.h> FALSE
    #include "gaugeframe.h" GOOD

    autocompletion works again.

  • Moderators

    Also a good way to force the auto comple update, is changing between compilers.

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