obsolete gstreamer in webkit

  • Hello,

    I'm working on an app developped with Qt 5.5.1, using QtWebKit.
    I try to bluid it on the new Ubuntu 18.04, but I can't.
    The error tells that the module qt5Webkit not found the libgstreamer-0.10
    But this version of gstreamer is obsolete since years, an it is not possible to install it on the new ubuntu.
    Also, I can't upgrade to a newer version au Qt for now, it's for later, and I can't use webengine instead of webkit for now, because I need my app to be able to build it with mingw on windows too.

    My question is : am I forced to reluid all the qt parts that use gstreamer to be able to use gstreamer1.0 ? Why are not they pre-built with the newer version ?

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    There's only QtWebKit and QtMultimedia that are affected.

    Because the binary packages are built for the officially older version of Linux supported.

    However, nothing stops you from rebuilding the modules against a more recent version of GStreamer provided that the backends of that old version supports it.

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