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Style Sheet with padding on arm platform : Bug on qt 4.6.3?

  • Hello,

    I don't know if it's a bug but I use a style sheet file "myStyle.qss". On this file there is the following line:
    @QTableView { padding-bottom : 5 }@

    When I launch my application on my x86 laptop:
    @myApp -stylesheet myStyle.qss@
    all is fine

    When I launch my application on my x86 laptop with qvfb:
    @myApp -stylesheet myStyle.qss -qws@
    all is fine

    BUT when I launch my application on my arm target:
    @myApp -stylesheet myStyle.qss -qws@
    then nothing append.

    Note 1 : I use QT 4.6.3

    Note 2 : as soon as I remove the @QTableView { padding-bottom : 5 }@ line, my application is running fine on my target, and for test purpose I create a qss file with only this line inside...

    Any idea?

  • What if you just add the stylesheet in your application code to your QTableView with QWidget::setStyleSheet()? Does it still fail?

    Also, can you extrapolate what fails? No visual change at all?

  • Ok, thanks for you reply.

    I will be in front of the target only next week, and yes, loading the style directly on the code will be my next try.

    The bad point is that the application doesn't even start, without any trace...

  • FYI, I test it by adding...

    @app.setStyleSheet(QString("QTableView { color: blue; padding-bottom : 15 ; background-color: yellow }"));

    ...on my code, playing with parameters. The padding seems not working on target, but it doesn't crash.

    OK, it doesn't matter for my project anymore and I haven't too much time to work on it...

  • What device is your "arm target"?

    What if you change your code so that you don't apply a .css file, but apply the stylesheeting inside the code? Like this:

    QString styleS("QTableView { color: blue; padding-bottom : 15 ; background-color: yellow }" );
    QTableWidget *styledTableWidget = new QTableWidget(3, 3, this);

    I briefly tested this on Symbian 5th Edition device and it at least worked.

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