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Capturing mouse events of container (bottom) widget?

  • What I'm trying to accomplish is always have the current mouse position relative to the window's top left corner. I could maybe poll for the cursor's position every n milliseconds, but I would rather react to the mouse move events as they're created/sent.

    For now, I have a frameless window (the container) that I want to catch the mouse move events of, the problem is that the top-level widgets in it's layout are the only things receiving the events. I tried setting mouse tracking on the container and filtering the application's events from the container, but it still only receives them when a mouse button is held down.

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    You should then consider using an event filter that you set on all widgets contained in your container widget.

  • Thanks.

    I did wind up going with polling the cursor position, but I might look into implementing your solution in the future.

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