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Using Colour Emojis as a substitution font in Windows

  • Hi all,
    my application is using MS Shell Dlg 2 font on windows. When an emoji is used on a QLabel or QLineEdit the emoji shows as black and white. It is my understanding that when an character is not available in a font, qt will try to find a replacement from the fonts available for the application
    When I use QFont::insertSubstitution(font().family(), "Segoe UI Emoji"); the result is b/w emojis.
    I also tried setStyleSheet(QString("font-family: 'MS Shell Dlg 2', 'segoe ui emoji', 'segoe ui symbol';")); but no luck.
    When I set the font of the widget to use "Segoe UI Emoji" font, then the color emojis are used.

    When I try the same on linux (with different system and emojis fonts) with insertSubstitution it works like a charm. Any ideas how can I get the behaviour I want? (that is use a font for characters and a different font of my preference for emojis). How can I make the font matching algorithm to do this?

    Thank you for your time in advance 😃

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Can you provide a minimal sample code that reproduce this behaviour ?

    What version of Qt are you using ?
    On what version of Windows ?

  • Hi SGaist,

    Thank your for your reply.
    Currently using Windows 10 + Qt 5.8 but I will check with 5.10 as well.
    Here is a code sample demonstrating the issue:

    QApplication app(argc, argv);
    QWidget *mainWindow = new QWidget();
    QLayout *layout = new QVBoxLayout();
    QLabel *widget1 = new QLabel();
    QLabel *widget2 = new QLabel();
    QLabel *widget3 = new QLabel();
    QFont::insertSubstitution(QApplication::font().family(), "Segoe UI Emoji");
    widget1->setText("B/W Emoji \xF0\x9F\x92\xA4");
    widget1->setFont(QFont("Sans Serif"));
    widget2->setText("Color Emoji \xF0\x9F\x92\xA4");
    widget2->setFont(QFont("Segoe UI Emoji"));
    widget3->setText("Should be Color Emoji \xF0\x9F\x92\xA4");
    return app.exec();

  • Tried with Qt 5.10 and getting the same result.
    Here is a screen grab of the code above:


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    How did you install that font in your system ?

  • @SGaist
    It is part of windows 10, a native font installed with windows.
    Currently on Windows 10 build 1709.

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    Strange, it sounded like QTBUG-57717 but it should work.

  • Do you think I should file a bug report for this?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    If you can't find anything else on the bug report system then yes.

    Can you check with the latest test version of 5.11 before doing that ?

  • Just tried 5.11 beta and still there.
    I will check the bugs again and then report.
    Thank you for your help @SGaist

  • @boring32 In the above example, have you tried using emoji on win7? Why does the use of emoji color on win7 turn black and white?

  • I wanted to report that when I use 5.9.4 MinGW the color emoji shows up as BW but when I use 5.9.4 MSVC2017 the color emoji shows up as color. Is there anything I can do to get MinGW to work? Same in 5.11.

    I'm using a blank project with a single color emoji in the screen.


    If I compile with MSVC2017 then it shows up in color.