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Problem with QT linquist

  • Dear Friends
    First of all I would like to say Hello, becuase it's my first time here and first touch with Qt.
    I started making translation file for Qt linquist but I can not generate .ts file in my project. Qt is new for me so there is an option i just do it wron way. When i click tools->external->linquist->update i see belowe error:

    Running Windows Runtime device detection.
    D:/Qt/5.10.1/winrt_x86_msvc2017/bin/winrtrunner.exe --list-devices
    Found 1 Windows Runtime devices.
    Starting external tool "D:\Qt\5.10.1\msvc2017_64\bin\lupdate.exe" "D:/Qt demos/translation/"
    WARNING: Project ERROR: Cannot run compiler 'cl'. Output:

    Maybe you forgot to setup the environment?

    "D:\Qt\5.10.1\msvc2017_64\bin\lupdate.exe" finished

    Maybe someone is able to help with?
    I use VS 2017 and QT 4.6.0. The project I made is working fine until generating file for translation.
    Best regards

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    Since you chose the visual studio Qt (and winRT ?) , you must also download and install
    visual studio from microsoft site. Is that installed ?

  • Hi, Yes i have got Visual Studio 2017 for c++ developing and it works

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @RobertF Is your Kit configured properly in QtCreator (any warnings/errors)?

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