No header, source, or .ui files in QtWidget aplication

  • I'm new on QtWidget.

    When I create a new widget aplication, the results are these on the picture.
    I can't see any file, just the .pro, and I can not build it either. They are there in the folder, but I can't see them on the project screen.


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    @Gabriel1024 Take a look at the error message QtCreator is showing you.
    Looks like your Kit is not configured properly. Check your Kit/build configuration.
    Also, if you want an easy start with Qt on Windows then install Qt for MinGW together with MinGW using Qt Online INstaller (or Qt Maintenance Tool). This combination usually works out of the box.

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    It seems you installed Qt for visual studio ?

    Unlike the Qt mingw version, the Visual studio version do not come with compiler
    as microsoft do not allow that. You must install it from their site.

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