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Checkbox & Radio Button looks different in built

  • Hello,

    This is my first QT project. I built a GUI with QT Designer and later I copied all files (.pro, .ui, .cpp, .h, ...) from one computer to another.
    On the second computer my radio buttons and checkboxes now look different. Inside QT Designer everything looks normal, however, when I start the application, the radio buttons and checkboxes look differnet.

    For example, check this picture (This is how it looks like in QT Designer and how I want it in my application):

    And this is how it looks like when I start it (only on my 2nd computer, on the first it looks correct):

    I have multiple tabs in the application, in one tab the old checkboxes are displayed correctly, however, if I add more there, the new ones also look different.

    Can someone explain me what I did wrong / how to change this?

    best regards

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    @Nobodyxxx What operating system is running on your second computer?

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    my fist guess is, you have different scalings in your different PC's

    You should check that first.

  • Hello!

    that's really interesting. I have on both computers Windows 10, however, on the second Computer I really had a different scaling factor (150%). I now changed to 100%, now the checkboxes (from restore options) look correct, but the radio buttons don't.
    I will try to experiment with this a little bit, if someone has an idea how I can also change the radio button pls drop me a quick message.
    Thanks for the fast answers!

    I now changed the sizes from the default size to a much bigger size, now everything looks correct. Thank you guys.

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