Crash when trying to bind Window.height to WebEngineView.contentsSize.height (short code)

  • Hi,

    I use Qt 5.10.1 on up-to-date Windows 10 and the following simple program does not show any window:

    import QtQuick 2.10
    import QtQuick.Window 2.10
    import QtWebEngine 1.5
    Window { id: w
        visible: true
        title: "Test"
        // with this line, the program crashes before showing anything:
        height: v.contentsSize.height
        WebEngineView { id: v
            anchors.left: w.left
            anchors.right: w.right
            onContentsSizeChanged: {
                console.log(contentsSize) // no output if not both width and height properties of the web view are specified
                w.height = contentsSize.height
            // if any of the following 2 lines are omitted, the web view the ":-)" string in the web view does not show up and the window looks empty although anchors.left and anchors.right are set above and the height is set
            // width: 100
            // height: 100
            // The following line crashes the program before showing the window
            // height: v.contentsSize.height
            Component.onCompleted: {

    I specifically want the window to be as high as the web view when its size is not constrained. Relevant documentation link:


  • @alwayslearning
    This seems to be related with a bug when accessing contentsSize too early:

    Apparently, this still doesn't work correctly in Qt 5.10.0, although the bug was considered solved?

    As a check, I tried accessing the property in the onLoadProgressChanged handler:

            onLoadProgressChanged: {
                if (loadProgress===100)

    This works (I tried by setting the url property to a webpage). Maybe as a workaround, you could set your window height in that handler.

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    The bug report states that 5.10.0 is also affected. It's been solved for 5.9.5 so it will likely be also for the release of 5.11.

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