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New to QT5 Creator on Linux. Debugging does not work

  • I'm new to QT5 Creator and I've installed it on linux. For my study, I've created a non-QT C console application, but debugging does not work.

    When it starts LXTerminal, I get an error message that QT cannot switch to my homedrive.
    If I change it to XTERM -e, I get an error which looks like secury.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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    @Twan Usually there is no need to change anything in QtCreator on Linux to be able to debug.
    Did you install GDB?
    What exactly did you change in QtCreator and why?

  • @Twan
    Following what @jsulm asks, are you actually changing the executable to run within Qt Creator to LXTerminal/Xterm, in front of your own executable? If that's what you're doing, it's not the way to do it, or at least debugging will never work that way.

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