How-to move vertical scrollbar on left side of ScrollView?

  • Hi all,

    I have create a custom scrollbar for my ScrollView with a ScrollViewStyle sub class, to have something like this:

    But this Scrollbar always appears on right side of the ScrollView, is there a way to move it on the left side?

    Seems to be so easy... but I don't find how to do this!



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    looking through the implementation, it says that the vertical scrollbar is anchored to the right:

    ScrollBar {
            id: vscrollbar
            readonly property int scrollAmount: contentHeight - availableHeight
            readonly property bool scrollable: scrollAmount > 0
            isTransient: !!__panel && !!__panel.isTransient
            active: !!__panel && (__panel.sunken || __panel.activeControl !== "none")
            enabled: !isTransient || __panel.visible
            orientation: Qt.Vertical
            visible: verticalScrollBarPolicy === Qt.ScrollBarAsNeeded ? scrollable : verticalScrollBarPolicy === Qt.ScrollBarAlwaysOn
            width: visible ? implicitWidth : 0
            z: 1
            maximumValue: scrollable ? scrollAmount + __viewTopMargin : 0
            minimumValue: 0
            anchors.right: parent.right
            anchors.topMargin: __scrollBarTopMargin + topMargin
            anchors.rightMargin: rightMargin
            onScrollAmountChanged: {
                if (flickableItem && (flickableItem.atYBeginning || flickableItem.atYEnd)) {
                    value = flickableItem.contentY - flickableItem.originY
            onValueChanged: {
                if (flickableItem && !blockUpdates && enabled) {
                    flickableItem.contentY = value + flickableItem.originY
            Binding {
                target: vscrollbar.__panel
                property: "raised"
                value: ||
                when: vscrollbar.isTransient
            Binding {
                target: vscrollbar.__panel
                property: "visible"
                value: true
                when: !vscrollbar.isTransient ||
            function flash() {
                if (vscrollbar.isTransient) {
                    vscrollbar.__panel.on = true
                    vscrollbar.__panel.visible = true
            Timer {
                id: vFlasher
                interval: 10
                onTriggered: vscrollbar.__panel.on = false

    So i don't think you can change it.

    But you should be able can make your own Scrollbar component and place it wherever you like it to be.

  • @J.Hilk thanks for your help. In fact, it seems not to be supported :(

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