BLE: sending data to device

  • Hello.

    i'm asking myself if this is the way to send data to a BLE device:

    void BLESerialDevice::writeData(const QByteArray& data) {
        // get 20 bytes (?) to send
        dataSending = data.left(20);
        dataLeftToSend = data.right(data.size()-20);
        m_service->writeCharacteristic(writeCharacteristic, dataSending, QLowEnergyService::WriteWithResponse);
    void BLESerialDevice::mycharacteristicWritten(const QLowEnergyCharacteristic &info, const QByteArray &value) {
        // checks removed (compare value to dataSending, etc)
        // write next 20 bytes
    // get data and write it out
    void doSendData() {
        QByteArray data = getSomeData();

    sending data with this method transmits all the bytes, only the data-rate if pretty low:

    sent  2429 bytes  in  9243  ms  =  ~263 bytes per seconds

    trying to send it in a tight loop would drop data...

    void BLESerialDevice::writeData(const QByteArray& data) {
        int i = 0;
        while (true) {
            dataSending = data.mid(i, 20);
            if (dataSending.isEmpty()) break;
            m_service->writeCharacteristic(writeCharacteristic, dataSending, QLowEnergyService::WriteWithResponse); 
            i += 20;

    so i wonder:
    is this (first code-snippet) the way to send data to a BLE device?
    how would the preferred way to write data be?
    how could the data-rate be improved?

    thanks for comments and recommendations

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    Hi, the First version is, roughly, the way I do it currently too. You‘re actually faster, because I‘m bound to a Modbus type of protocol that take 8 byte away for a head and Tail.

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    BLE is not designed to fast data transferring.

    PS: Also many things depends on type of your remote device: who did FW (maybe it has bugs or sleeps), what is a characteristic's properties, what is a HW vendor (TI, NORDIC and etc).

  • thanks for the comments!

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