Are you kidding? You have to install Xcode in order to install Qt?

  • I am sitting in the installer at the point where it is asking me to install Xcode.

    Are you serious that I have to install a completely unneccessary 5GB on my Macbook Pro just so I can then not use any of it?

    I want to use clang 6.0 to cross compile to Windows targets from my Mac and it appears that although I can do this fine right now without Xcode, I can't avoid installing Xcode in order to install Qt.

    I am simply trying to support a customer (for our product which is linked into the same executable) who's a very large Qt commercial licensee.

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    Im not familiar with the online installer for mac. Sounds odd if you cant skip it.
    Alternatively, you might skip by using the binary directly

    That said, unless you are a cross compiling wizard, its often far faster to install a win X in parallels
    and build and test in a virtual machine.

  • @mrjj Thanks for the link to the binary, that looks like what I need. FYI I am cross compiling because I want access to clang's thinlto and parallel linking which would be a pain to get working on Windows. It does not allow me to skip, and yes I do find it less than desirable that a library installer would force the installation of a specific toolchain, particularly a very large one like Xcode.0_1521736547929_Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 9.35.17 AM.png

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    Ok, so you need features from clang. Makes sense then.
    So even the offline installer demands you first install Xcode before you can press continue ?

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    I wonder if this would work ?
    (Qt without Xcode)
    Sorry im macOS noob so maybe others have better suggestions :)

  • If i remember correctly, you don‘t need the total of Xcode, the xcode command line tools should be enough

  • So to wrap this up, the link that mrjj provided allowed me to skip the Xcode installation, so I am good to go. Thanks to all who replied and this is solved.

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