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spinbox direct input in iOS/android?

  • I'm using a spinbox in an iOS/Android mobile app. It works fine except that I can't tap it and have it bring up a number pad for me to type in a value. Is this feature available?

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    Please be more specific...
    Code snippet?

  • I'm using QML with a Qt Quick2 application. Here is a snippet:

    SpinBox {
        id: sizeSet1
        height: 0.05*begin.height
        width: 0.22*begin.width
        anchors.top: sizeLbl1.bottom
        anchors.topMargin: 0.001*begin.height
        anchors.right: parent.right
        anchors.rightMargin: 0.01*begin.width
        from: (modelData.device === 3) ? 3 : 1
        to: (modelData.device === 3) ? 100 : 300
        font.pixelSize: 0.04*begin.height
        Component.onCompleted: {
            sizeSet1.value = modelData.size
            modelData.size = Qt.binding(function() { return sizeSet1.value})

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