Qt: change color of dock area in window

  • I have a window with docked sub-windows.

    A dock area draws when by sub-window can be docked.

    How can i change the dock area color?

    alt text

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean the colour that is used to show the possible location or the color of the background ?

  • Hello, yes i mean the possible location color. I tried to find a stylesheet - without result. I can change color of separator, but no any stylesheets about the possible location.

    QMainWindow {
        background-color: #444444;
    QMainWindow::separator:hover {
        background: red;

    I want make this, for example:

        background: red;

    Any solutions?

  • Hi,
    is there no such possibility or you need more information about issue?

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    Hi, i have never seen anything stylesheet related for the dock location marker background color.
    I would consult the source code and see if i can find what it uses to draw it.

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