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Designer plugin only appears in standalone designer

  • Hi,
    I'm on an Ubuntu 17.10 machine, and i've installed QScintilla and it's designer plugin. So, when i start designer from /home/myusername/Qt/5.10.1/gcc_x64/bin/designer i can see the plugin in the right pane. However, if i start designer from QtCreator, for example when trying to edit a *.ui file, the plugin is not there. So, the questions are:
    Why starting designer stand alone, or within qtcreator gives me different results?
    Is QtCreator starting another designer binary?
    How can i make plugins visible not only in standalone designer, but also when i open designer from QtCreator?

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    @dokif Do you see the plug-in in QtCreator under "Help/About Plugins..."?

  • @jsulm Sorry for the very delayed respones.. but no, i cannot see the plugin there...

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    Creator has a plugin folder for the designer plugin.
    On windows its