Qt + OpenSSL & EVP_DecryptFinal_ex error bad decrypt

  • Hey guys!

    I try to use OpenSSL to decode an AES 128 CBC string for some time. Since i'm running out of ideas i really could use some help here. After creating a test app i always run into some decrypt errors i can't figure out how to fix.

    After hours looking for some (working and not outdated) code examples and trying to find my mistake, i appreciate any input / help here.

    #define KEYSIZE 32
    #define IVSIZE 32
    #define BLOCKSIZE 128
    #define AES_BLOCK_SIZE 16
    AES::AES(QWidget *parent) : QMainWindow(parent), ui(new Ui::AES)
        delete ui;
    QByteArray AES::decryptAES(QString user_key, QString user_data)
        // QByteArray data_base64 = user_data.toLatin1();
        QByteArray data = QByteArray::fromBase64(user_data.toLatin1());
        QByteArray iv1 = data.left(16).toHex();
        QByteArray key1 = QByteArray(QCryptographicHash::hash(user_key.toLatin1(), QCryptographicHash::Md5).toHex());
        // qDebug() << "data_base64: " << data_base64 << "len: " << data_base64.length();
        qDebug() << "data: " << data << "len: " << data.length();
        qDebug() << "iv1: " << iv1 << "len: " << iv1.length();
        qDebug() << "key1: " << key1 << "len: " << key1.length();
        unsigned char key[KEYSIZE];
        unsigned char iv[IVSIZE];
        memcpy(key, key1.data(), key1.size());
        memcpy(iv, iv1.data(), iv1.size());
        EVP_CIPHER_CTX *de = EVP_CIPHER_CTX_new();
        if(!EVP_DecryptInit_ex(de, EVP_aes_128_cbc(), NULL, key, iv))
            qCritical() << "EVP_DecryptInit_ex() failed" << ERR_error_string(ERR_get_error(), NULL);
            return QByteArray();
        char *input = data.data();
        int len = data.size();
        int p_len = len, f_len = 0;
        unsigned char *plaintext = (unsigned char *)malloc(p_len + AES_BLOCK_SIZE);
        if(!EVP_DecryptUpdate(de, plaintext, &p_len, (unsigned char *)input, len))
            qCritical() << "EVP_DecryptUpdate() failed " <<  ERR_error_string(ERR_get_error(), NULL);
            return QByteArray();
        if(!EVP_DecryptFinal_ex(de, plaintext + p_len, &f_len))
            qCritical() << "EVP_DecryptFinal_ex() failed " <<  ERR_error_string(ERR_get_error(), NULL);
            return QByteArray();
        len = p_len + f_len;
        QByteArray decrypted = QByteArray(reinterpret_cast<char*>(plaintext), len);
        qDebug() << "decrypted: " << decrypted;
        return decrypted;
    void AES::on_button_decrypt_clicked()
        QByteArray in_enc_line;
        QByteArray in_key_line;
        if(!in_enc_line.isEmpty() || !in_key_line.isEmpty())
            ui->line_decrypted->setText(QString::fromLatin1(decryptAES(ui->line_key->text(), ui->line_encrypted->text())));
    void AES::on_line_key_textChanged(const QString &arg1)
        QString key_md5 = QString(QCryptographicHash::hash(arg1.toLatin1(), QCryptographicHash::Md5).toHex());
    void AES::on_line_encrypted_textChanged(const QString &arg1)

    Everything seems to work but i always end up with EVP_DecryptFinal_ex:bad decrypt. Where did i miss something?


  • Anyone? :(

    I'm playing around with OpenSSL and EVP for some time now but it seems i still don't get it.

    Even a small hind would be nice :)

  • I wonder if there is some one out there using OpenSSL EVP + Qt successfully? Most of the examples are outdated and not working. And if i ask, i always hear: try something else, it is better.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Did you got the OpenSSL part working without Qt ?
    What examples are you referring to ?

  • Hi SGaist!

    I'm using


    for testing. The encoded string ist "this is a test". My key is "test" (md5).

    echo vh/0fb1R3awZqWeKpYDqlCafaRS7s49EIAPBmZXKgLo= | openssl.exe enc -d -a -A -aes-128-cbc -iv be1ff47dbd51ddac19a9678aa580ea94 -K 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6

    This works, it gets decrypted as expected like:

    YÈ])-EÖºà¯ÌSå+£gthis is a test

    In my code i get a bad decrypt. I did google a lot about what may the problem. I did test and try other OpenSSL versions as well. The only think i did not try yet, is building OpenSSL myself but i'm not sure if this makes any difference.


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    There's no need to build your own version of OpenSSL,. My question was rather: did you got EVP API working without using Qt at all ?

  • Like in Visual Studio? No. Since i plan to use it in Qt i started here.

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    No, I mean, just using plain C with char arrays etc.

  • No, i did not.

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    Then you should start by doing that. Ensure that you get it working correctly with the raw API and then you can start integrating it your GUI application.

  • OK, so no one got it working in Qt yet.


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    @qDebug said in Qt + OpenSSL & EVP_DecryptFinal_ex error bad decrypt:

    OK, so no one got it working in Qt yet.

    How do you know?

  • This is my superpower, i can tell.

    I'm right as long as some one proves me wrong ;-)

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