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is it possible to host nodejs app inside qt app ?

  • Hi, is it possible to host a node app inside Qt app . i am not talking about webview where it loads the url and just acts like a browser.

    What I want is a simple Node.JS app hosted in Qt application . I don't know if it's possible , has anyone tried it ?

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    What do you mean by hosted ? What should that app do ?

  • hey , sorry for not being clear but what i meant by hosted was like node app is not hosted anywhere . So i added node code to my qt project and in main.cpp i create a Qprocess of node and then just provide localhost url to webengineview.

    this solves my purpose.

    So in short what i did was :

    1. copied node app code to my qt project.
    2. created a process of node running the node app via Qprocess.
    3. provided localhost url:port to webengineview and it shows the app.