VirtualKeyboard RaspBerryPi InputPanel issue

  • Re: Virtual keyboard does not show up in QWidgets app on RPi 2

    I'm trying to use the VirtualKeyboard on QtWidget application. The code runs well on Windows, but when I crosscompile to Raspberry It doesn't work. And reading the mentioned post, now I understand I need an InputPanel. So i I did it. Now I have the QML code. BUT how the QtWidget code knows that the Input Panel is there (but in QML)? I guess I missing some step on this.

    The plugin loads. The example code of the VirtualKeyboard runs well on Raspberry, but the example is full-QML.
    I'm using Qt 5.7.0, which is the one i achieve to crosscompile after several headaches.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I used the QT_LOGGING_RULES="qt.virtualkeyboard=true" environment variable and the log I can see when I touch a Line Edit is this:

    qt.virtualkeyboard: PlatformInputContext::update(): QFlags<Qt::InputMethodQuery>(ImInputItemClipRectangle)
    qt.virtualkeyboard: PlatformInputContext::setFocusObject(): QLineEdit(0x13f8698, name = "par_lineSen")
    qt.virtualkeyboard: PlatformInputContext::update(): QFlags<Qt::InputMethodQuery>(ImQueryAll)
    qt.virtualkeyboard: PlatformInputContext::showInputPanel()

    So, apparently the Keyboard is working. But, I guess, is behind the Main window of the application since is forced to appear on fullscreen, and does not allow any other windows to show up in front.

    Any hints about how to correctly use the Virtualkeyboard under this circumstances?

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