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Prevent QMdiArea's current subwindow switching

  • I have a QMdiArea with several subwindows, when the user wants to switch from one subwindow to another, I need to do some check, and may need to prevent the switching. I tried the below:

    • Capture "subWindowActivated" signal of QMdiArea, but the signal actually emited only after the switching

    • Capture the "aboutToActivate" signal of the subwindow, but in this signal I can't call "setActiveSubWindow" to force switching back to the previous window, or the application will crash.

    So, any good method to achieve my goal?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What kind of checks are they ?
    What about doing it the other way around: keep the other subwindows disabled until the checks pass ?

  • There are some input widgets on the subwindow, when user want to switch to other subwindow, I need to validate the user inputs, if there are some wrong data, I should force the user stay on current subwindow.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Then I stay by my suggestion: make your sub window "modal" so that your application users know that they have to first do things correctly before going further with their actions.

  • I finally use event filter to filter the "user click on tab" event to achieved my goal.

  • @diverger I also have this problem, can you elaborate on how to solve it . thanks.

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