Same GUI project for Windows and Linux

  • Hello,

    I'm planning to create very simple one form GUI application that should be compiled in Windows and Linux. Which way I should approach to achieve that? Should I create simple widget project in Linux ant then move it to windows?

    Is it important to use any defined tool set in this situation?

  • As long you don't use Wnidows/Linux specific libraries and use solutions like QStandardPaths for getting OS dependent values, code written using qt should compile on any major platform.

    On top of that you might try cross-compilation (I never did that myself so I have very little knowledge about it) or setting up a VM that will share your project somehow (either by sharing directory or git).

    Also, remember that Windows doesn't distinguish between small and big letters in filenames. So if you try to load file named File.txt as file.txt it will work on Windows, but not on Linux.

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    Hi @column,

    @HalfTough is right, usually Qt programs work smooth on all platforms.

    The best advice I can give you is to have some VCS like git and regularly test on both platforms. If you have a Build Server for both platform, the better.


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    One small correction: the case sensitivity depends on the file system you use not the OS itself. For example, the old default for macOS was to ignore the file name casing. But you can select different case sensitive file systems to run it on.

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