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Changing the default Language of QT Designer

  • Hi Guys,

    got a short question. :)

    Is there a way to change the language of the QT Designer for example from german to english? :)

    Havent found anything on google :/

    thanks in advance!
    have a nice day!

    greets floyD

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK, it currently uses the system locales to set its language so there's no manual way to change it. However if you are using Qt Creator, you can change its language in the preferences.

  • Changing Qt Creator Tools/Options/Environment/Interface/Language from <system.language> to English does not change Qt Designer's UI language.
    Where can I vote/request for Qt Designer UI language to be user-selectable?
    Or what can I do to get Qt Designer UI in English, on Win7? My locale is Slovenian.
    Have fun,

    S love nia

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    Qt Creator and Designer as applications have no relationship at all so setting the language in Qt Creator won't have any effect on Designer.

    My suggestion was to use the designer plugin from Qt Creator to do you application GUI rather than designer itself.
    If you are ready to build Designer, the modification is minor: just don't load the translator on startup.

  • for QtCreator, you can change the default language setting through menu->toos->options..
    for Qt Designer, for now there's no such a menu to do, but you can let the Qt Designer not load the language file on start up, for my environment, go to Qt5.7.1/Qt5.7/mingw53_32/translations, you can see there is some files designer_xx.qm(xx is a country code),so you can delete it or remove it to other folder(rename wont work), then the designer will load the default english to it's ui.
    in your case, i guess delete or remove the designaer_de.qm would solve the problem

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    What you could try is, removing the translation (*.qm) files, than qt an d qtdesigner should load with default english.

    This is untested, but it should work,

    translation files usually found here:

  • In my case, since I have it in Conda, my translation files are in: C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\Library\translations, so I zipped all the files there as precaution.

    Now my Qt designer is in english. (Y)


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