MSVC2017 64bit compiler VS. MinGW 32bit compiler

  • Hi there,

    I'm using my Qt Creator with the two Compilers MSVC2017 64bit and MinGW 32bit.
    For my current Project, I want to use the MSVC2017 Compiler, but the built Software (compiled in release-mode) is laggy af. (and I don't think there's much of computational work done..)
    But when I compile the exact same Project with the MinGW Compiler, the Performance issue is gone and everything works fine.

    Does anybody have an idea what the Problem could be?

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    @Pagiraff Without knowing what you app is doing it is impossible to say. Also it could help if you would say when and in which situation it is laggy.

  • Ok sorry, here are some informations about the Software:

    It's purpose will be to load/save data out/to txt files and visualize them when loaded. I've set a MDI area in the MainWindow where you can call different SubWindows (e.g. one for Import, one for visualization Settings, etc.).

    Now for MSVC compilation:
    When I only have one SubWindow open in the MDI area, resizing it (drag it at the Corner) causes a visual lag.
    Also when I enter a path to search for certain files on drives (self implemented method), there's a noticable delay until I can perform another search...

    All this Actions work perfectly fine when the Software is compiled with MinGW

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    @Pagiraff That's interesting. You could check whether this is a known issue here:
    You can file a bug report if this is not yet reported (preferably with a small example project demonstrating the issue).

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