Raspberry: Deploy application once cross build finished

  • Hello,
    I'm developing an application for Raspberry cross building it from Ubuntu environment.
    All is working fine, I can test the application and I almost done.
    Well.. how to transfer the application resultant into Raspberry once I finished?
    The application should start without it is launched by remote.. but how?


  • Hi Andreagugu,

    if you´re running on some distribution like raspbian you can use cron to start your application after system boot. Runsudo crontab -e.
    and add a line like @reboot /path/to/your/application to the bottom of the crontab file.

  • Thanks a lot, but my doubt is one step before.. :-P
    which files do I need inside my Raspberry (Rasbian distribution, sorry I omit) ?
    I mean, for testing the application I'm calling RUN through cross compile on Ubuntu virtual machine, but at the end on Raspberry I don't have executable file to call "alone".. once I have, you are right I can call automatically it by script.
    Which files I have to copy on Raspberry? There is a "deploy" command in QT IDE.. I was thinking that it moves files on target.. but not..
    How to do?

  • If you can cross-compile and run your application all needed libraries and your application have to be deployed already. Take a look at you .profile. The deploy path is given as target.path.

  • In the target.path I have one file.. yes.. but if I double click it doesn't start. The icon is a "paper-plane", it seems executable but nothing happens. Sorry if the question is basic. In the past I developed without cross compile, directly on Raspy and in this case the executable file was really there and working with double click.. Should I do something before with it?

  • Can you run your application from terminal? The output may give hints why it does not start. Maybe some environment variable missing.

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    @Andreagugu You can do

    ldd your_app

    to see which libraries ir requires and then copy those to your target as well.

  • I tried but calling the file double clicking on it, the terminal starts and close immediately, no way to see nothing. Calling the "ldd file" from terminal I get "it's not dynamic executable file" (translated from Italian..)
    But how it's possible that there isn't a command from IDE to deploy, install on target?!?


  • SOLVED!!
    It was really a stupid thing.. the target.path had a space in the path.. the system (I was not aware of this behavior) created another path where the correct executable file was created.

    it was:

    target.path = /home/pi/Project/MyApp Debug

    and I found a folder called "Debug" in home/pi/Debug

    Inside the file was working.. but come on !!

    Thanks a lot for help

  • @sneubert
    It worls also the call in crontab so now after boot the application starts automatically! Good.

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