Working with to executable targets in CMake

  • Hello, I'm having trouble understanding whether the behaviour I'm experiencing is qtc bug or just badly written CMakeLists.txt

    My problem: I've created a simple CmakeLists.txt for my project. I have one header and to cpps with main(). I wanted to create to targets, so that it'd be easier to switch between each cpp as a main().

    So I just did add_executable(target1 "header.h" "main1.cpp") and add_executable add_executable(target2 "header.h" "main2.cpp"). It created two targets and is recognized by QtC (I can see both target1 and target2 in Build & Run run category and in project view).

    However the problem I'm having is: whether I try to Build or Run the current target (Ctrl+R or Ctrl+B), it tries to build all code anyway (and fails, since the second cpp is not yet finished). If I try to build targets using Project view it works, but I can't run them this way and it's not convenient anyway.

    So what am I doing wrong?

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    You should add which version of Qt Creator you are using as well as CMake version. You might also want to put a minimal sample that allows to reproduce this behaviour.

  • @SGaist Oh, completely forgot. I'm using Qt Creator 4.5.1 on Win10 x64

    The CMakeLists.txt sample is really basic:

    cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.12)
    add_executable(target1 "header.hpp" "main1.cpp")
    add_executable(target2 "header.hpp" "main2.cpp")

    So if there are errors in main2.cpp and I try to Build & Run target1 it fails even though it's possible to compile target1 manually by itself.

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    What version of CMake are you using ?

  • @SGaist 3.10.2

    Btw, I've found a "fix" for my problem: changing target to "current executable" in build settings, though not sure why it wasn't a default.

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