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HelloWorld 5.10.1 / MSVC2013 build fails in qstringview.h

  • For a new first time install (and user of Qt) on Win10 with MS Visual Studio 2013, I'm trying to create a simple helloWorld application. (File->NewFile or Project: Qt Widgets Application)

    I've installed 5.10.1 for MinGW & MSVC2013-64b, as well as 5.6.2 for MinGW & MSVC2013-32&64b.

    I can build and run 5.6.2 for all combinations of compilers, and 5.10.1 for MinGW.

    However, when I try to build for 5.10.1 I get build errors and warnings.

    The warning is:
    cl : Command line warning D9002 : ignoring unknown option '-Zc:inline'

    The error is:
    C:\Qt\5.10.1\msvc2013_64\include\QtCore/qstringview.h(178) : fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler. (compiler file 'f:\dd\vctools\compiler\cxxfe\sl\p1\c\convert.cpp', line 10610)

    Most importantly, I'd like to know how to get past the compile error. Second I'd like to know how to get rid of the -Z warning.

    Any hints??

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    @BlackDogWhite Did you install Update 1 for Visual Studio 2013?

  • @jsulm Ha! They're up to rev 5 now, and that fixed my problem. Thanks!

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