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Installing QT Creator on MAC along side older version

  • Hey guys. This is a bit of an odd question so I apologise in advance. I'm working on a code base that's locked to an older version of Qt and Qt creator on OSX (Qt 5.3 I think). This version happens to suffer from some nasty debugging issues like the app hanging sometimes after setting a breakpoint, or Qt creator hanging while attempting to launching anything with the debugger attached until you "nudge" the debugger by setting a breakpoint.

    I thought it might help to install a more up to date version of just Qt Creator and import the Kits I'll need to build from the currently installed version of Qt. My reasoning there is that the issue is likely to be either Qt Creator or the debugger so there's a good chance it will help. Are there likely to be any issues having two different versions of Qt Creator installed on one OSX machine? I've done it on Windows but wanted to check if there are any traps to fall into on OSX.

    Alternatively if anyone's heard of the debugging bugs mentioned above and knows a work around please let me know!


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    No, no problem having several versions of Qt Creator. Just keep them in separate folders.

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