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No 'Qt Embedded' Option in Online Installer

  • I want to use the open source version of Qt for Device Creation. I have followed the links to download the online installer but there is no 'Qt Embedded' option like what is shown in this video:

    I understood the long trail I followed through the Qt web site, I'm enrolled in a 10 day trail, but I have nothing to show for it. Hopefully someone can provide some guidance. Thanks

  • @tslator

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Good to see that a solution for problem is on its way

    However, you should continue on your thread with the information by basically replying. Otherwise the information is distributed all over the place.

    I guess your problem is due an upgrade based on a commercial license. Anyway, this here is the open source forum, which is certainly also open for commercial users with a license. A long time ago apparently the commercial customer supporter seemed to post questions here as well. It was written that they got essential information from the open source threads to help their customers. Not sure if this is just gossip.

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