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How to delete selected row in QListWidget(pyqt/python) from table(sqlite3 database)??

  • i am not getting error but the data is not deleting in the database.
    Need help!!!!

    conn = sqlite3.connect('db_iptable')
    c = conn.cursor()
    data3 = self.w.listWidget.SelectedCurrentRow().text()
    data3 = str(data3)
    query = "DELETE FROM rules WHERE id = '%s';" % data3.strip()
    mydata = c.execute(query)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you are using the SQLite API you should ask the authors of that library directly.

    Otherwise, you could consider using Qt's SQL module with a QListView and a QSqlTableModel.

    On a side note, what does data3 contain ? id usually implies that it's the primary key thus a number.

  • Here is my database table : ("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS rules (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, chain TEXT, iface_in TEXT, iface_out TEXT, protocol TEXT, dst_addr TEXT, dst_port INTEGER, src_addr TEXT, src_port INTEGER, algo TEXT, string_match TEXT)")
    data3 will contain all the values in the selected row which is 11. i am wrong?? i am new in programming field.thanks

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    I don't know. You're the author of that application so you know the content of your database and your application internals. So is that 11 a valid value ?

  • example of a row : (1, input, eth0, wlan1, tcp,, 80,, 443, bm, bad).

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    Do you realise that up until now, you are just giving minor elements about your application and the only Qt related part is the data3 = self.w.listWidget.SelectedCurrentRow().text() which is working ?

    If that's a row in your listWidget, then that likely means that data3 doesn't contain 11 but something similar to (1, input, eth0, wlan1, tcp,, 80,, 443, bm, bad) hence your query failing.

  • my means was 11 elements in the selected row. not 11 as a value. i want to click on the row in the qlistwidget and delete it.

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    @tchaler Sorry, but what do you mean by eleven elements in the selected row? You want to delete a row using it's primary key, right?
    In this case your query is wrong:

    query = "DELETE FROM rules WHERE id = '%s';" % data3.strip()

    You are passing the id a string, I think it should be

    query = "DELETE FROM rules WHERE id = %s;" % data3.strip()

    Do you store the primary key in the list view? I mean you somehow need to get the id from selected row.

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