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Cannot select Android 7 in AVD Manager

  • Hi,
    I have installed the following in the the Android SDK Manager
    0_1518703035492_Qt 29.png
    But I still can only select Android 8 as Target in the AVD Manager.
    I cannot use it, because there is no ARM EABI v7a for it (or at least I can not download one in the SDK Manager).
    And of course, I can't find a working solution in the docs, because for everything, there are at least three official sites with almost the same titles with every time different solutions and every time not complete.
    What did I miss? Because when I try to create one, it says
    0_1518703417488_Qt 31.png
    When I create a virtual device with the AVD Manager and save it, I can't select it as device when trying to run the application
    0_1518703768652_Qt 32.png
    Thanks for answers!

    well for using android 7, there are just needed some more installations. Just uncheck the Show Package Details in the SDK Manager and select Android 7 and it will automatically select all needed for you. And now Qt Creator also is able to use Android 7.

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