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Debugging Symbian code built by remote compiler from Mac (or Linux)

  • Remote compiler works fine on Mac: it builds Symbian binaries well, I can install and run everything, but there is no [obvious to me] way to install binaries from QtCreator and debug it or at least get debug prints from the phone.

    Am I missing something?
    The Run button is active for Remote Compiler (and actually fires the build), after build is ready QtCreator is offering to start some executable, so maybe there just some settings missing?

  • Anybody?

    Or am I the only one who develops for Symbian on Mac? :)

  • Well, you're not the only Symbian developer on a Mac ;)
    And I have the same problem as you do, so I wonder if you already found a solution?

  • Not really, Arne.

    What I did is that I moved 95% of my development to desktop and desktop-run TDD. Then my Symbian builds became mostly a quickcheck on that things still run on the device itself and are still fast enough.

    In the rare cases where I do need the device output, I start Windows virtual machine.

  • I'm using Linux for Symbian development and Desktop development as well. As far as debugging in Linux is considered to be a bit tough, we have to make some work around to write some scripts.

    So the simple work around for me is to redirect the qDebug messages to a text file as explained in this link "Redirect Qt Debug, Error messages to file":

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