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Basic question

  • Hello,

    I am new with qt and I am facing many issues, my first view to qt was awful
    First I installed the latest version, but I couldnt do the qt to compile
    I made it to compile (I think), by uninstalling the latest version and installing qt5
    But now, I created a new project, I drag and drop some objects to the windows (ui file), I press the play button, and nothing happen
    Why the windows is not showing? Should I select Debug, Profile or Release to see the new window?
    I use Windows 10 as OS
    I hope I stop facing these basical issues, I need to make something to work, if not I will uninstall qt and forget it.
    I read that QT is easy, but so far everything is complicated, I couldnt make anything work, it is frustrating

    Thanks in advance.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What exact version of Qt did you install ? If it's one of the Visual Studio version, did you first install the corresponding Visual Studio edition ? Including the C++ tools ?

    If you don't have VS installed, the usual fast way is to select the MinGW edition for which Qt provides the corresponding compiler so you can start right away (no, it can't do that for VS, it's forbidden by Microsoft).

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