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Dynamic handling for QTableWidget

  • How can I handle adding/removing rows in a QTableWidget dynamically using Qt Designer?

    Currently, whenever I need to update any row(s) in a tablewidget, I have to update the whole table again. Is there any way by which I can add a row in between and shift all the rows down, like we have for excel?

    Also, while setting any element I am using the following setting any label or any value:

    self.ui.tablewidget1.setItem(0, 0, QTableWidgetItem("Overall Data A"))
    self.ui.tablewidget1.setItem(0, 1, QTableWidgetItem(str("{:.2%}".format(0.02))))

    Screenshot of my table:


    I am working on it item by item under edit table widget (Qt Designer), which is really time consuming.

    Also, is there a way i can define some areas as name range in this table and call the data using that name range, like we have in excel.

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    @Piyush Simply right click on table widget then "Edit items...". Then you can add/remove columns/rows and you can move them up/down or right/left.

    "Also, while setting any element I am using the following setting any label or any value:" - is this a question?

  • @jsulm I forgot to mention this earlier, but in this tablewidget i have kept the vertical and horizontal headers as hidden. All the row/column headers in this are actually written on cell itself. Likewise, I have different header on Gray cells.

    In this case if I want to add any value in between then how should I proceed?

    The sample code lines were just for example to show that my header are inserted in cells

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    @Piyush Maybe I don't understand something, but what's the difference? You still can add/remove rows/columns.

  • @jsulm I am actually using one tablewidget for multiple tables. Therefore, I have not used the column/row header and added the same in form of items in the widget. I have created the tablewidget in the following way:

    Screenshot for edit table, column tab:


    Row tab:

    Items tab:

    In items tab there will be headings in the grey area. This enables me to add multiple table in single tablewidget.

    So, the issue arrives when I need to add something in the middle. As you said that, we can add/remove rows/columns. But, currently I cannot do that.

    Does that mean I have to redesign the whole tablewidget? Use column and rows tab and then do the editing like I did. Is that correct. Is there any way I can do the same without redesigning? (just add columns/rows and copy paste all the items in one go)

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    @Piyush If you need to add a row in the middle then first add it via + button, then select it and move it to the place where you want to have it using the up button (arrow shoing up). Is this working?

  • @jsulm That is not working. It adds the row on the top which cannot be moved/shifted down using the arrow keys

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    works fine here
    alt text

  • @mrjj please have a look at my previous comment. I have explained the case in that.

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    If there is no rows and cols , there can be no items.
    So im really not sure what you are asking. :)

  • @mrjj Hi

    If we do the following in QT Designer on a blank tablewidget, then we have blank items without any rows/columns appearing under rows/columns tab.


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    Ahh , in that way :)
    yeah that is the same it seems,
    except u cant move rows up and down as they are not there :)
    Hmm, yes i see your point. its then not possible to add row in the middle since rows before and after
    do not really exists for it.

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    @Piyush What if you don't set fix number of rows and columns? Just add everything in this item editor.

  • @jsulm If we do not set fix number of rows/columns, then we first need to add rows/columns from rows/columns tab. Then it becomes dynamic in the way that we can move rows up/down/delete. Thanks.

    @mrjj Yeah. I will have to make it again in a dynamic way. Thanks for the discussion.

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