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Creating a video file in Qt

  • I want to make a video file (.avi or .mp4) in qt. Through some online sources I came to know that video can be made by combining QImages into a single file, but I don't know how to exactly do that. Any lead will be helpful

    A different approach is also welcomed......

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    For fast way, i would just use ffmpeg
    with QProcess.

    As creating a mp4 from scratch is pretty involving due to codex compressing and all the header info.

    ffmpeg runs on linux, mac and windows so its only if u use android it would be a bad idea.

  • @NIXIN what about trying with a QML Camera component?

  • @mrjj Thanks for your response. Based on your suggestion I tried this:

    void Video::slot_generateVideo()
    QStringList arguments;
    QString imgPath("home/uidm9805/images/pic%04d.png");
    int fps = 2;
    QString frameRate;
    QString compressionLevel("image2");
    QString resolution("1920x1080");
    QString startFrame("1");
    QString videoFrames("1000");
    QString codec("libx264");
    QString quality("25");
    QString pixelFormat("yuv420p");
    QString outputFile("\"home/uidm9805/images/test.mp4\"");
    arguments << "-r";
    arguments << frameRate.setNum(fps);
    arguments << "-f";
    arguments << compressionLevel;
    arguments << "-s";
    arguments << resolution;
    arguments << "-start_number";
    arguments << startFrame;
    arguments << "-i";
    arguments << imgPath;
    arguments << "-vframes";
    arguments << videoFrames;
    arguments << "-vcodec";
    arguments << codec;
    arguments << "-crf";
    arguments << quality;
    arguments << "-pix_fmt";
    arguments << pixelFormat;
    arguments << outputFile;
    qDebug() << arguments;
    videoProcess = new QProcess(this);
    connect(videoProcess, SIGNAL(started()), this, SLOT(monitorStarted()));
    connect(videoProcess, SIGNAL(error(QProcess::ProcessError)), this, SLOT(monitorError(QProcess::ProcessError)));
    connect(videoProcess, SIGNAL(readyReadStandardOutput()), this, SLOT(readOutput()));
    videoProcess->start("ffmpeg", arguments);
    void Video::monitorStarted()
        qDebug() << "Video Process started";
    void Video::monitorError(QProcess::ProcessError error)
        qDebug() << "Video Process error: " << error;
    void Video::readOutput()
        qDebug() << videoProcess->readAllStandardOutput();

    I am working on ubuntu.
    when I run the same set of commands from terminal everything is working fine, test.mp4 is generated.
    But using QProcess, I got this output:
    Video Process error: 0
    I don't understand what might be the problem, any help will be appreciable.
    Thank you

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    @NIXIN "QString imgPath("home/uidm9805/images/pic%04d.png");" you're missing / in front of home. Also why do you have % in file name?
    Same here QString outputFile("\"home/uidm9805/images/test.mp4\""); and remove \" as Qt will do it for you.

  • I tried giving the following paths:

    QString folderName ="images/pic"
    QString imgPath("/home/uidm9805/" + folderName + "%04d.png");
    QString outputFile("/home/uidm9805/images/test.mp4"); 

    still not working, getting same errors

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    Code seems fine.
    try with full path to ffmpeg
    folderName ="images/pic"

    Depending on how it uses this, it might not be correct.

  • @mrjj
    Tried this

    videoProcess->start("usr/bin/ffmpeg", arguments);

    but got the same errors.

  • @mrjj

    folderName ="images/pic"
    Depending on how it uses this, it might not be correct.

    Can you explain this please.....

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    If something just appends that to other path or use it relative,
    it might not work as expected.
    somewhere = "/home"
    open (somewhere + folderName )
    and so one.
    but if it adds / when doing + , all is fine.

    since there is no error reported with QProcess i assume it runs the app but app do not produce output for some reason.

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    You are missing the leading / in your path to ffmpeg.

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    @NIXIN said in Creating a video file in Qt:


    Please take a closer look at the path. You're doing same mistake over and over even after it was pointed out.

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